Donation Rewards

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Donation Rewards

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:02 pm

Beginners Pack
- A gang car such as voodoo, lowrider, tahoma, etcetera.
- VIP Level 1
- 10.000$

Bronze Pack
- Any car you'd like(low, middle and upper class)
- VIP Level 1
- 50.000$
- You're own private locked skin.

Silver Pack
- a car + you're own skin
- VIP level 2
- 80.000$

Golden Pack
- Two cars you'd like(lower, middle and upper class)
- You're own private locked skin.
- A upper class house
- 95.000$
- VIP Level 3

Platin Pack
- Three cars you'd like(lower, middle and upper class)
- Two own private locked skins.
- A upper class house.
- VIP Level 3
- 125.000$
- Your own gun locker.


2€: Change you're name IG and on the forum 1x.

5€: 7.500$(if you donate 10 euro for this option you'll will earn 15.000€)

45€ - Create you're own business or faction/gang with cars, map territory, gun locker(s) and earn 15000$ and 5000$ for your co-leader.

NOTE: We do not refund! And also, if somethings goes wrong while donating or you lose your money in a way, we aren't the ones responsible.


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